Freedom 360 Party Tour 2011

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The Freedom 360 parties across the West Coast of Malaysia has come and go and I was able to join in the fun at Malacca and Penang, skipped Johor as I had a shoot that night in Kuala Lumpur and skipped the Kuala Lumpur because I was sick even though I very much wanted to go as some of my friends was on deck that night.

Initially, the Penang edition was supposed to be held before the others with the Kuala Lumpur marking the finale but no thanks to a bunch of people who decide they want to start a riot in Kuala Lumpur, the Penang edition was postponed to the week after the Kuala Lumpur set. Now, forget about those losers and let’s focus on the fun part of the entire July.

The first stop for the Freedom 360 party was held at Pure Bar @ Jalan Melaka Raya 5. Was told by some of the local friends that it is one of the more happening venues in town but when I got there, it look kind of … dodgy. If that is the right word. Maybe it’s all thanks to the exposure of big clubs in Kuala Lumpur.

One thing for sure, music was already pumping and with that in mind, it was off to the party! We got there fairly quite early so it started off slow but by 11pm, the crowd started flowing in. The drinks started to flow even faster than when we first got there and by midnight, the party was as good as over as there was no more beer at the bar. But going for parties like this, the drinking is always secondary as the important bit is the partying with friends and we partied hard, the only way KLites know how to.

I must admit that one thing I was quite annoyed with at the Malacca party is that they went to repeat songs throughout the night. I hear the same sets of music for up to 4 times throughout the night when there should be an on-going flow of music, even if there’s a change of deejays, there should some communication so that the music isn’t repeated but that was not the case here as the playlist was repeated several times over and there isn’t much mixing as well. Even my son would be able to do what they did that night using my CDJ.

The next one I went to is the one in Penang and the KLites that we are met our match as the Penangites partied as hard as we did. From the Get-Go when I got to the venue at 9pm, the crowd was already grooving along to the beats the deejays was pumping out. Music selection was much better than the Malacca party and I can’t say much about the one in KL but I believe that one would be fantastic as some of the deejays that was on had their own flair and style of music. I would say that I enjoyed the music more in the Penang party than the one in Malacca.

Drinks was flowing smoothly all the way until 2am and that was fantastic! I think I was never standing still with an empty bottle throughout the whole night from the time I step into FAME @ Upper Penang Road until I head off at 2am. It’s not often also I get to party with friends from Penang and that was what I got to do that night.

The Freedom 360 parties had gotten smaller over the years but I would say that it is still as pumping. Am sure they are looking at some big acts to come in for 2012 and make it huge again? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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