Formula 1 2010 Season is just days away!

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F1 fans rejoice! The Formula 1 2010 season is just days away with the first race at Bahrain. Even before the start of the season, there has been a lot of controversial news happening in the paddock as the teams gets ready to race around in circles to the cheers of their multitude of fans.

Malaysia is sending in it’s very own F1 car in the form of Team 1Malaysia or better known across the F1 world as Lotus F1 Racing Team. It’s going to be an exciting time to see how the ‘Malaysian’ team will fare against all the other teams on the grid. Especially it’s friendly rivalry with Virgin Racing as both the bosses are owners of Air Asia and Virgin Airline respectively. The funny thing about Malaysia’s racing team is that Petronas snubs Malaysia’s own team to partner with Mercedes. It does show how confident Petronas is towards our own Team 1Malaysia.

US F1 team with just weeks away decide to skip this year’s Formula 1 race and the Motorsport governing body, the FIA continues to decide how the US F1 team should be punished following its failure to compete in Formula 1 this year. Having been selected ahead of other bidding teams for a place in the sport, the late departure of the Charlotte-based team leaves a space on the 2010 grid. Don’t understand why the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile would not allow Stefan GP to replace the USF1 team despite that team wanting to enter this season’s race and have cars ready to hit the track.

BrawnGP is now known as Mercedes GP and Michael Schumacher is BACK! The Man is back and I’m looking forward to watch him trash all his rivals and silence all his critics that say he’s old and won’t have the reflex and stamina to race competitively with the younger racers. Sadly, even though I’m a big fan of his, I’m still a big supporter of Ferrari. With Massa and Alonso in the hot seat, I hope this is going to be Ferrari’s year again.

2010 will also be Bridgestone’s final season as the official tyre suppliers to the teams. It’ll also be the year that bans all the team from refueling during the race. The teams can still stop to change tyres but refueling is banned. This will make the whole race very interesting as the teams need to bring in a very reliable, fast and fuel efficient set-up to ensure that the car last the whole race. It’s a totally new race strategy for each team and this is going to be exciting. Expect sub 8 second pit-stops even by the slowest of the teams and strategies of when to bring the car in is going to be crucial.

Who do you think will win the 2010 F1 season? Which driver you think will make the biggest impact throughout the season? Will Button retain his crown? Will Schumacher’s return also will result in him lifting this year’s trophy? Will Massa and Ferrari leap back to the top of the game?

The teams that we’d be watching this season will be Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, Mercedes Grand Prix, Red Bull Racing, Scuderia Ferrari, AT&T Williams F1 Team, Renault F1, Force India F1, Scuderia Toro Rosso, Lotus Racing, HRT F1 Team, Sauber and Virgin Racing. Gentlemen, start your engine!!!

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