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A few weeks back, some guys arranged for me to have an interview with The Star for an article leading up to the upcoming Father’s Day. Here’s a scan of the said article. Not often I get to be in the newspaper so definitely post up to share.

The Star

Click on the image to enlarge. If your network’s too slow for that, here’s what was written in the article. There’s the web version of it here.

YIP, who divorced five years ago, left a high-flying job in Singapore as a television producer when he was awarded custody of his two children. He has no regrets.

“Family comes first,” he says, flashing a bright smile. “I told myself I was leaving something good – my former job – for something even better. It was something I had to do.”

It wasn’t easy initially because the children had been cared for by his ex-wife after the breakup. But they were not doing well in their studies for lack of supervision and guidance from their working mum.

Since moving in with dad, their performance and confidence levels seem to have improved.

Yip’s flexible work hours as a deejay, photographer, web designer and event manager allow him to spend time with them, apart from driving them to and from school, or for games and music lessons. The fact that all of them live with his parents and sister also helps.

“My parents supervise their homework because the children are in Chinese school and I can’t read any Chinese apart from the characters on mahjong tiles,” he says.

Initially, Gabriel and Grace were wary of Yip because he had not been around in their younger years. When they needed anything, they would go to their grandparents instead.

“My parents would tell them –‘I don’t know, go ask daddy.’ After awhile, they slowly grew to know and trust me.”

Yip admits there are days when being both daddy and mummy can be challenging. “Most of the time, it’s when I tell them to do something and they don’t seem to listen. At such times, I sometimes wish I had reinforcement from a partner!” he adds, chuckling.

What’s obvious is that caring for the children has grounded this young father.

“People are sometimes surprised to hear I have two kids because I look like I’m in my twenties. Having them in my life has made me more responsible – I know I have to work hard to bring them up.”

Written by Chan Li Jin

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