Expatriate Lifestyle 10th Anniversary Celebration

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It’s been 5 years since I first started shooting for them, that’s how fast time flies as I joined the Mongoose Publishing team as a freelance photographer back then and now, together with the whole team (most of the familiar faces I know has since left though), we are celebrating the 10th year of the magazine in Malaysia. Of course, I was not just there to party but work as the official photographer as well.

The party was held at Vertigo @ The Gardens and with a packed attendance, it was kicked off by the Host, Rashid Salleh to loud cheers before he made way for the Live band that belts out some nice tunes throughout the night. But I think the one that got everyone’s attention is the Photo Booth as well as the lucky draw as everyone was paying 100% attention when the lucky draw announcement was made. Who wouldn’t with all those amazing prizes in store, with trips and holiday stays all across Malaysia.

As the night rolls on, the crowd started to loosen up even further and at one point, even sang louder than the band themselves. To cap off the night, the birthday cake was brought out and the customary happy birthday was sang. The cake itself is pretty sweet, for a guy who has a sweet tooth like me, I could only stomach 1 piece!

It’s a sweet ending to the night’s activity of course and with the first 10 year past, am definitely looking forward to the next 10 years ahead. What a small world it was as some old friends that I’ve lost touched with was met again, and great to meet some of the old customers I’ve dealt with over the years as well. Selected photos from the party can be viewed here!

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