Eggs-traordinary Pan-Asian Easter Feast @ Atrium Cafe

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Thanks to the invitation from Sunway Resort Group and Advertlets, I get to feast on some eggs-traordinary Easter Feast at Atrium Cafe. Located on the ground floor of the Sunway Pyramid Tower Hotel, this Easter Sunday feast can be enjoyed by all come the 24th April.

When I first stepped into the Atrium, I must say the layout of the buffet line is incredible and well planned with the Grilled meat in one spot, the Chinese styled dishes are placed in an area of it’s own while the Tandoori and Salad bar sit pretty next to the dessert counter. There’s also a wide varieties of muffins, cakes and brownies for all to enjoy in conjunction with the Easter Sunday Buffet. Looking at all these selection of desserts just give me a tingling sensation at the palate even before I started eating

You must be wondering why is it an Easter Sunday feast yet there’s all these Chinese dishes and tandoori dishes. Well, I had the same question in my mind too and Virgillia from Sunway Resorts explained, the Atrium is a Pan Asian restaurant and is famous for it’s Pan-Asian selection. That is why even though it’s all for Easter, they will still have to maintain the Pan-Asian dishes to cater to the regulars of the restaurant. For me, as long as there’s meat, I’m good to go. Sadly, there’s no pork as it’s a halal restaurant. Sad right?

At RM55++ for an adult and RM27.50++ for children, it’s definitely quite cheap compared to the many other buffet restaurants located within a hotel. My own adventure started off with the meat section of the buffet and frankly speaking, stuck in that section for a long time. The roast beef was beautifully roasted and the meat does not have any smell. It was a tad dry though but I compensate the dryness with some of the sweet peanut sauce that was meant for the chicken and beef satay but you can use the mushroom gravy that they provide if you want, it’s just my own preference.

After that, I hit the Chinese line and savor in some of those juicy Chinese styled roasted quail. The prawn and salmon was also quite fresh and was a hit among the Chinese crowd there as those dishes was the first to go and they had to replenish when we started our run around the buffet line. I actually asked one of the chefs preparing the chinese dishes whether there’s any chances I could get some roast pork or char siew as well that they might have hidden in the kitchen and he give me a weird kind of look like I came out of the jungle or something.

After I was done with the meat section, it was then the dessert line with it’s range of cakes and ice shavings as well as ice cream. We are looking at Chestnut Trufilia, Praline Hazelnut Cake, Mini Fruit Tartlets and the Chocholate Mousse in Cups along with the many other assorted Malay kuih and cakes. The Mango Cheesecakes was a hit with the girls but it’s all chocolate for me.

After the dessert, we sat around and asked more question to the rep of Sunway Hotels about the 5 properties under the Sunway Group before I could not take it any more and took a big bite out of the Easter Chocolate.

We also had the chance to talk to both Mr. Ahmad Zauhudi, the Chief Butcher of Sunway Resort Hotel and Mr. Malak Lotfy, the Middle East Chef about the concept behind the selection of dishes for the Easter Buffet. A lot of the dishes they prepared for this spread was done over the many weeks of research as well as talking to the patrons to find out what would interest the crowd especially on this special sunday. Especially when it comes to the various desserts on display.

Definitely a good place to go for the Easter Sunday lunch but it’s definitely wise to also make some reservation before hand in case the restaurant get packed with patrons as even on a week day, there was plenty of people in the restaurant.

Sunway Pyramid Tower Hotel
Persiaran Lagoon, Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya,

Food – 3½/5
Service – 4½/5
Cleaniness/Ambience – 4½/5
Value for Money – 4½/5


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