DoSomethingGd Ambassadors Pt. 1

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DoSomethingGood is about forming a community of volunteers to help grow the community through a single entity. That is @DoSomethingGd, an online community where volunteers and charity organization can come together to help one another. Do sign up as a volunteer if you are into community service!

I’ve watched this community grew from the first day it was formed and launched at Bangsar Village and had tried in my own capacity to be part of the community on top of what I do on my own. And to bring it a step forward, we’ve also done a series of shoot with the ambassadors, the first group is seen here! Who are these ambassadors?

Let’s find out who’s who among them, but then I’m sure you already know who these people are anyway.

Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah

Amber Chia

Johan F. Khan aka JFK

Ben Ibrahim

What awesome champions that would have no qualm in taking time off their weekend to be part of this. Of course, these are not the only images we shot but I’ll let @DoSomethingGd upload the rest of them as I only edited these between takes. Lastly, thanks to Ellyne for putting the team together and merging everything together. Definitely looking forward to working more closely with her and her team for future projects together.

We’ll be doing the next batch of ambassadors soon and I’ll post them up here once we get the shoot done. Until then, Do Something Good!

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