Carlsberg Chinese New Year Open House 2013

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Went along with Leng Yein to the Carlsberg Chinese New Year Open House yesterday at KL Hilton and I must say, it was quite a well done production from the time I got in til the time we crawl out of the hotel….

OK, fine, not all of us crawled out of KL Hilton, some stumbled, some walked out gracefully, some like me just decide to stay back and help clear up all those bottles of beer left unattended. Never like to see food go to waste. Am sure you would feel the same as me right?

Soren Ravn kicked off the Open House in the grandest of way I’ve seen so far, entering the hall as the Emperor, complete with foot solders and a chariot to ride on. Along with his grand entrance, the night was filled with a full 8 course dinner as well as back to back performances, the happy feet in me even got around to dance a bit (away from the crowd). There was even a fashion show featuring some beautiful designs adorned by 8 beautiful models.

And the night won’t be complete unless there’s camwhoring with friends at the venue right? And these are all shot using the Samsung Galaxy Camera, some of which I uploaded immediately to my Instagram and facebook while keeping the rest for this posting and the FB Album.

I must say that aside from it being a nifty camera to use for instant upload, there’s one issue that I don’t really like, the camera can’t seem to balance out lighting condition under low light resulting in either the flash firing too harshly or too softly. And colors tends to run as well. Hope the next update on the software by Samsung can rectify this issue.

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