Carl’s Jr. Midvalley

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A few weeks back, after so much chatters from friends about Carl’s Jr., I decide to go give it a try and so, over to midvalley to give it a go.

Now, before reaching there, I was telling her how so many people say that the burgers was huge! That even for a person such as myself, will have problem finishing it and the other important aspect is, the price is doubled of what McD’s and Burger Kings are.

As long as the portion served is as everyone claimed it to be. Paying over RM20 for a set is worth it. So, off we went, parked the car (does anyone feel that it’s getting harder and harder to find a parking space in Midvalley?) and head off to the 3rd floor.

When it came to my turn to place the order, I placed the orders for big mac lookalike (with bacon) for and the Double Chicken sandwich set (both of these are supposed to be HUGE! judging from the displays) and after paying for it and waited for it, when it arrived. I had to double confirm with the waiters that the two burgers (see photo above) is what I ordered. Now why would I do that? Cause… the two burgers looked PATHETIC They are so… PUNY for the price I pay

Anyway, after complaining about the pathetic size of the burgers, sat down, gobbled it all up in less than 5 bites and sat there for a good half hour discussing over the pathetic-ness of the burgers. The only consolation is, the fries were better than McD’s (which I’ve not tasted anything good from for all these years except Coca Cola).

Now, I’ve come to this conclusion that not all would agree with me. Carl’s Jr. will eventually run out of business after all that hype dies down for the simple fact that… The Burgers does not justify the price we pay. For a single set meal we order at Carl’s Jr., I could have ordered 2 meal sets + an extra fries at Burger King (which also offered FREE FLOW OF DRINKS). With that same amount of money, I could have brought 8 Ramly Burger Specials and the burger chef would be ever so nice to give us extra tissues to go too!

I’ve read in some blogs that they say the Carl’s Jr.’s burgers are huge! I’d have to say that they have puny mouths, that’s all. Would I go and eat there again? Don’t think so, if I’d want to pay RM20++ for a burger set, I’d have just gone to TGIF and ordered a Jack Daniel’s burger and I get to watch LIVE sports on their TV too!

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