Cafe Cafe

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This is one restaurant that has people talking for some time, well, among my friends that is. Tuesday night, pre-Thaipusam holiday, I decide to go check out the place instead of some other places as I’m sure KLites will be out there partying away as the Wednesday is a HOLIDAY!

Anyway, the environment in Cafe Cafe is cozy and romantic. The place felt like those home from the colonial days and give you that comfortable and relaxed mood. A great place to hang out if you’d just want a nice place to enjoy a bottle of wine and cheese (if you could eat them).

After we were ushered to our seats, we browse through the menu and placed our orders. What we had was the following.

crispy brie – It’s Cheese, so I never touched it unless you want to see me fall over and die?

soup of the day (brocolli) – I like this creamy soup, quite sweet.

No photos on this dish.

seafood spagetti – This is a nice simple dish with just a fair share of seafood accompanying the spagetti.

pan fried norwegian salmon fillet with boiled potato and cream of sun dried tomato – The Salmon’s prepared excellent with the skin at the right crunchiness. I wanted to complain when I realized I’ve placed the last piece of salmon into my mouth though. I didn’t know I finished it so soon! emoticon

chcolate tart – Beautiful piece, rich and hot chocolate, I want more!

A place I’d definitely visit again but it’s because of the nice environment and not because of the food.

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