Blackberry Bold 9790 & Curve 9380 Launched in Malaysia

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RIM finally brought the Blackberry Bold 9790 and the Curve 9380 into Malaysian Soil with a launch party held at Lust in Bukit Bintang recently. For more details about the phones, you can read it all here. Now in that posting, I can only tell you that the phone was launched but can’t tell you much about it after that. Well, during the launch, I got a chance to play with the phones on display and I must say that the Bold 9790 would be suitable if you are a girl and looking for something smaller than the Bold 9900. For me, it felt very small, like the old Curve. The keypads are small and whenever I tried to type, I end up pressing down on 4 different keys instead of the one I intended.

Hosted by Jojo Struys, the event was launched by RIM Country Director, Muthu Annamali with him personally introducing the 2 models that was made available at this launch as well as surprising the attendees with a buy 1 get the 2nd one at 50% off promotion during the launch as well as during the PC Fair. Which is quite attractive, especially to those who wants to make some money selling the phones. After all, you pay for 1 1/2 phones and when sell both phones, able to sell and make a profit off both phones at the full price or even at slightly cheaper than the price Brightstar set for the local market.

During the launch also was a series of performance by 4 local acts, which I still wonder where they found them from. The performers tried so hard to impress that it was horrible. There were a few other musicians in the venue that day that I know can do better even without trying as hard as they did. So it was pretty funny. Especially when I’m not the only one in there feeling the same as there were numerous tweets that I could read off the TweetWall about the performance. There was one that even went as far to say that he hope Jojo would just get on stage to start tap dancing to save the night. That same guy went on to win 2 Bold 9790! Lucky *****.

The highlight of the night for me is the P’9981. Got a chance to played with one that night and apart from the interface which looks a bit chunky, the overall phone was fantastic. The feel of the buttons is nice and it’s slightly wider than the Bold 9900. It felt good on a fat hand like mine, hope they’d look at making all the newer bolds in this size.

Overall, it was a fantastic night, loads of drinks, met a lot of people that I’ve not met in awhile and all sit around talk about technology. How often do we do that?

Thanks Blackberry Malaysia for the invitation. Looking forward to the next one. I wonder if I’ll get any awesome Christmas present from them. *prays hard*

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