Black Circuit Is Heading To Penang!

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JOHNNIE WALKER®, the world’s number one Scotch whisky and the market leader in Malaysia will continue the iconic and successful series of glamorous Black Circuit race parties by launching the first event of its kind in Penang.

Exclusively for loyal JOHNNIE WALKER® fans, aficionados and society high flyers, The BLACK CIRCUIT PENANG will whisk guests into the luxurious lifestyle of international motorsport on Thursday, August 25th at a secret location to be revealed only days before the party.

3 Deejays that’ll be getting the party pumping is DJ FM, DJ Reeve and DJ Teemaree.

Now, before we head to the party, here’s something I must stress. Responsible drinking is important to me as I’ve seen friends who get involved into unnecessary incidents because of over-consumption of alcohol. Not drinking too much doesn’t mean the end of the world. It’s all about knowing our own limits and if there’s driving involved, assign a driver who will drink less so everyone can get home safely.

I’ve join the pact to never drink and drive ( and I want you, my readers to join in too! Having a few rounds of drinks is fantastic but what is more fantastic is our precious life.

Want to know more exciting events and contest that comes out from Johnnie Walker Malaysia? Head over to their Facebook page here! If I’m heading there, then let’s get together on the 25th and paint the Penang Island Black!


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