BERSIH 2.0 Live Updates & LIVE Photos from Kuala Lumpur

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As you know, Kuala Lumpur is now in a Lock-Down and not many people are allowed into the City Center in anticipation of the BERSIH 2.0 Rally towards Stadium Merdeka as well as UMNO Youth’s own PATRIOT March at Bukit Bintang. Here’s some of the Live photos from the ground as well as a Live Update from LoyarBuruk of what’s happening around the city.

And here’s photos from the ground where it’s all happening. The photos will be updated whenever I get new images coming in so do come back for more or for those of you that’s keeping track via the Live-Update here, just refresh every now and then for new images. The latest images are at the top.

More images are coming in so am updating as fast as I could with visuals from ground zero while LoyarBuruk feed is updating with live commentaries.

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