Asahi Super Dry joins Carlsberg Malaysia’s Line of Premium Beers

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Recently attended the launch of the launch of Asahi Super Dry draught by Carlsberg Malaysia – an extension to the existing bottle and can packaging which will be brewed locally by Carlsberg Malaysia at its brewery in Shah Alam, and to be made available on tap at selected trendy bars, concept restaurants and high-end eateries nationwide.

Soren Ravn, MD of Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia Bhd said that “Malaysian’s can now enjoy Asahi Super Dry using Karakuchi, a secretly guarded Japanese brewing style, that has not only captured the taste buds of premium beer drinkers the world over but that has also set the gold standard in Japanese bewing.”

Mr. Toshido Kodato, Director, Corporate Officer, of Asahi Group Holdings Ltd commented “Carlsberg Malaysia is the second brewery after Balkita Breweries (Carlsberg Russia) that was awarded the rights to manufacture this high quality beer.”

The launch also saw a series of performance by the Harajuku dance troupe, Dennis Lau with Shawn Lee as well as DJ Faith, Nadhira and Vandal in Double Tree where they turn the ballroom into a “Club Asahi”.

So now, with the launch of Asahi Super Dry, Carlsberg Malaysia adds the No. 1 Japanese beer brand to it’s long list of no. 1s. Namely, the Kronenbourg 1664 & Blanc (No. 1 of France), Corona (No. 1 of Mexico), Budweiser (No. 1 of USA), Foster (No. 1 Australian beer in the world), Becks (No. 1 German beer in the world), and Hoegaarden (No. 1 Belgian Wheat beer in the world).

Congratulations Carlsberg Malaysia on this achievement.

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