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I’ve been to this restaurant quite a number of times but I’ve never really gotten about to sitting down and doing a proper review of the food. That was until January when Andrew invited his cousin  and myself together for lunch and have a chit about the latest games and photography and what not. And since I was also heading out to do a shoot, I decide to shoot some photos at the restaurant and ate the following dishes.

Photo of Interior by Andrew Chiam

Location wise, it’s not hard to miss the outlet even though the whole row is littered with restaurants, on the inside, it was quite cosy and aside from the lunch crowd, it’s mostly quiet. There’s quite a few places to sit and if you are there with a big group, there’s also the large table further in at the rear of the restaurants just beside the kitchen. Great when you want your food to fly out of the kitchen into your mouth. As we got ourselves settled in, we ordered the following…

Pork Burger, the patty was made in the kitchen instead of purchasing off a supplier so they could add in their own ingredients into the mixture, quite thick which is a good thing for us pork fans but they kind of spoilt the taste for me as they add cheese into the patty. So it’s one of those burger that looks good but I can’t really eat, took a bite out of this one though and must say that it’s not bad. Texture is soft yet it doesn’t break-apart easily so that’s a good thing. Would have gotten a thumbs up from me if not for the cheese that ruins a good piece of patty. Comes with a side of Coleslaw and Chips.

The next dish is the BarbeQue Pork Ribs, quite a nice big portion of ribs that they serve. The meat are tender and easily rips off the bones without much effort. Sauce is a bit too sweet though so if you are not a sweet person, remember to tell them to ease off the sauce. Comes with a side of Coleslaw and Mash, the mash texture is not consistent though every time I go there to eat, guess that’s what we’ll get when it’s all made within the kitchen.

I’ve no idea why but while we were chatting away, I ordered the Pork Trotter Vindaloo as well thinking that it’s just the pork without the rice. When it was served, Both Andrew and the cousin stared at me wide eyed wondering how on earth would I finish this dish after wolfing down a big plate of Pork Ribs. Well, I skipped the rice and finished up the Pork and Spinach in a jiffy, the pork trotter was quite ok, a fatty bit was a bit rubbery though, isn’t too spicy and it would just be nice for a good lunch along with the rice and vegetable if you are just planning to eat a single dish.

Would I go back for more? Well, I’ve gone back there another few times since these photos was taken so I guess the answer would be yes. Good place to chill out with friends over a meal except for that one time when one of the customer sitting on the table next to ours ordered some pasta dish and decide to flood her dish with cheese which totally stinks up the whole restaurant. I almost vomit out everything I ate and would have smashed that dish into her face for her murderous intent towards me.

Restaurant Andes

K-G-11, Jalan PJU1/43
Aman Suria Damansara
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-7804-3732








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