ABSOLUT Cocktail Tower Launched!

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ABSOLUT Cocktail Tower is finally made available for those of you wishing to order yourself some Absolut cocktail and mixed properly to serve. Sadly, this little Tower isn’t available for sale so you can’t have it at home. But, you can get them at Ecoba, View Rooftop Bar, AfterWerk (Scott Garden) and Neverland.

Personally, I don’t find the need to have one at home unless I’m using it as a decoration as I prefer to just put a straw into a bottle of Absolut and drink from there. No need to waste much time.

Anyway, the launch was held at ECOBA in PJ Trade Center (Don’t know why it’s called PJ Trade Center as the place is pretty dead especially with the LHDN office located there, no one would want to go near it.) with just a small group of people and our guests.

Linora was the emcee for the night and I guess she must have regretted asking me to go crazy. It was no big fanfare which is nice in a way, no need for any big show-offy party and all, just all the right people to just sit around, enjoy it and have fun while we are at it.

There was fun and games too with prizes to be won, I didn’t win the Tower but rather, one of the 3 limited Edition Absolut Vodka from China with a cute Son Goku design on it. Another bottle to be added to my collection of Absolut bottle, except this one won’t go into the chiller and contain cold water like the others. (I’m sure some of you do that as well, finished the Absolut and use it as your ice water bottle)

So do check out the above mentioned venues if you want to hang out in a place where they serve you and your guests with a Absolut Tower. It’s just like having a beer tower but more fun. So, anyone up for a drink? Can’t wait to see @RunningAndrew’s video that he recorded of me too…

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