With the integration of facebook into our daily life, it’s quite easy for anyone to dig up any information about everyone, that includes me. So what’s more is there to say about me?

My name’s Michael or Mike, whichever you fancy calling me. Some calls me Cheeks (a nickname I picked up in high school) and some calls me ZIQUE [pronounce as zik]. Digitally, I’m everywhere, on Facebook, on Twitter, in this blog and a few other places. Mostly, I keep most of my updates here, twitter and facebook.

What you get here is an idea of what I do, the services I provides, what I can do for you. Experience wise, 15 years in the broadcasting industry both in Malaysia and around the region with the core of my experience being in ASTRO as well as MediaCorp Singapore. I also provide photography services. Some of my work can be viewed by clicking at the side panel to the left.

Another service I provide is Event/Business Consultancy where clients approach me for ideas on how to promote and execute their brands, products or events. In line with this, I also provide talents, from singers/musicians to deejays as well as dancers. Location is never an issue as we have offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia as well as Thailand and we have so far execute events all the way to Dubai!

Occasionally, I dabble with music, mostly latin, mostly salsa and bachata as I dance (not really good at it) as well.For more updates on what I do regularly, check out my twitter account as I do update pretty often.

I also love to travel and I would say the travel bug only gotten to me when I started working as I used to hate traveling when I was younger. Quite fortunate to have the chance to travel to quite a few countries, I am still pumped up to visit more places, before this, I never really write down about my experience traveling here and there but with the existance of a blog and digital cameras in my arsenal, I’ve started to pen down and capturing images of my experience traveling to the various places I get the chance to travel to. I grew up as a very active Scout in school and because of that, even til now, whenever I travel, my focus is on the culture and the nature/eco related aspect of each destination. I’m no eco-warrior but if I can do my part in making sure that my future generation is able to experience all these things I am experiencing then I’d definitely try to do what I can. You wouldn’t want your grand child to think a Tiger is only a cartoon character imagined by the cartoonist and not a real life creature, right?

That’s basically it about me. Better stop before I get too narcissistic about myself. Do click on the various links above to view the various aspects of what I do and click on the icons below to add me on the various social networks. Don’t forget to add my site into your RSS feeds to get updates from here whenever there’s something new!