A Day @ the Pool

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It was a weekend and it was a very hot day so decide to bring the two monsters to the pool for them to play and to chill. It isn’t often that I bring them to the swimming pool so each time we go is like going to the carnival. They’ll be so excited that it gets annoying. LOL

Reaching the pool, they changed into their swim wear, go through the necessary procedure of washing themselves under the shower before going into the water. As they can’t swim, arm floats was placed on their arms even though it’s not the most comfortable thing to wear. Definitely need to consider sending them for swimming lessons once I’m financially more stable. They’ll get their necessary workout and also know how to protect themselves when they get older and heads out to the pool and beach with their friends.

We got into the adult pool where at the shallow end is only at 4ft deep, even at that depth, it still poses some danger for the two monsters. Gabriel could tip toe and have his head above water but Grace’s still too short to do that. The floats came in handy in keeping them alive. After awhile, we decide to have some fun where I got them to jump into the kid’s pool and well…. I took these photos.

It was definitely a fun afternoon and we can see how much they enjoy being in the water. I guess the next step in encouraging them to be more active would be getting them some swimming lessons where apart from them able to have fun in the pool, also to learn how to stay afloat and have the proper techniques to keep themselves safe in the pool.

Would you send your kids (for those of you who doesn’t have children, in the future la) for swimming lessons?

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