A Day At Ferrari 458 Challenge Trofeo Pirelli Asia Pacific Series 2011 Round 4

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Recently, the Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli had it’s 4th round of the Asia Pacific Series in Malaysia with our very own Erwin Azizi driving a Naza Italia 458 Challenge Car. Thanks to the nice people at Naza World, I got a chance to spend a day at the Sepang F1 Circuit to watch the race from up-close. Literally just chilling around the Paddock and strolling about around the circuit looking for the best vantage points to capture some images.

There was also a nice cooling area in the VIP room above the Paddock but I preferred to go under the sun, finding the best place to take photos. Call me crazy (some of those that was there did…) but I prefer to be at the track because of the cars instead of being there for the race queens. That’s me I suppose, willing to travel the distance just to watch motorsports whether it’s a local grass-root event or a major competition. Eventually though, I did end up in that nice cold VIP area as I got hungry and there’s a nice row of simulators for me to sit in and knock the virtual cars about. Here’s some of the photos from the day.

I must say thanks to DW Sm Faisal for being such a nice host, allowing us to freely mingle about with the drivers at the Paddock and other VIPs at the venue.

I had a blast especially when I was able to mount my cameras into the race cars to capture some races just like most people see on TV with multiple angles and so forth.

Erwin representing the NRT did Malaysia proud by coming in 3rd in the race among the list of top drivers in the series.

Congratulations NRT on the 3rd place finish and I guess we can expect to see more Malaysian teams to appear in next season’s races? Maybe to the extend of racing in the full series?

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